Team building events

Finding colleagues you can rely on our company has been offering unconventional events requiring stamina, strategic and collective efforts since 2004. The events are based on scavenger hunt and geocaching principles, popular outdoor activities worldwide.

The first step for the participants is to form teams. After that, the teams get real-life tasks very similar to those in cross-country rallies like finding the shortest route to the treasure or control points  in the forest. The participants will face realand unscripted challenges since the activities take place off-road in places only accessible bycross-country vehicles.

Team building events are oriented towards formation of personal traits necessary in teamwork activities. Our spiced-up activities help to understand that problems are usually solved when participants distribute the roles accordingly. The extreme conditions are necessary for the participants to leave their comfort-zone and then instead of panicking, weteach how to develop a funny, joyful and engaging ethos while applying practical problem-solving skills.

What changes await in the team after the event?

  • Communication and ethos in the team will improve
  • We will learn conflict management, role distribution and how to unify the team
  • The interpersonal relationships will strengthen together with a boost in motivation
  • Higher trust among colleagues

Dust and mud will wash off but the memories are there to stay

About our events

  • Duration: from 3 hours to 12 days
  • Number of participants: from 4 to 100 people
  • Destination: any spot in Lithuania provided that there are no nature conservation restrictions

Seasons: all seasons are suitable

The price depends on services, duration, number of participants and program. Only when all the details are decided upon, we will prepare a personal offer.


4x4 tours and corporate events

for your company, business partners and customers if you are a part of a solid and long-established team, it might be a good time to think about theincentives.

All employees need a positive evaluation of their work and they are possibly expecting it. If you feel that your long-term relationships with the partners or customers have gone cold, perhaps it is time to spend a day or two together in an unconventional environment.
One of the best ways to relax, forget about mundane problems and communicate in aninformal environment is an off-road trip across the most beautiful places in Lithuania wheretourist buses simply cannot go. individual and collective experience gifts can be an original way of saying thank you that can positively affect performance. We guarantee that your employee or customer will besincerely grateful for the time you have spent together and the relationship with him or her willbe revived.The events and trips can be of different lengths, from 4 hours to several days, with differentlevels of difficulty: from trips to the most beautiful places in our country, to routes that can only be passed by using special means.
In all cases, we tailor the event’s scenario according to the customers request and plan the itinerary when the event is booked.

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