Teambuilding events

Team Building event from allows both to create and consolidate the team and at the same time relax in nature and experience the adventure of off-road vehicles in extreme conditions. This is why we let to discover the unusual circumstances of each team member still unknown strengths and character traits, and, working together to achieve one goal, to strengthen and unify your team! Event program seeks to collaborate colleagues who work at different positions and terms of reference makes it impossible to interact and build contacts.

During activities which the teams with off-road vehicles traveling on  difficult passable rural and forest roads and off-road, perform specific tasks. offers half and full day 4×4 jeep adventure tours of the Lithuanian backcountry for individuals or corporate clients (up to 40 people, and there could be up to 4 persons per vehicle). Depending on the route, through our off roads programs you will experience natural, cultural, historical and gastro destinations in a new and exciting way.

The  makes it’s way through a range of woodland using existing tracks. Route could include a large pool of mud, grooves, steep ups and downs are possibly river crossing. There is also a very beautiful landscapes, interesting objects and a lot of places untouched by civilization!

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4x4 tours and corporate events for your company ,business partners or customers


Do you want to entertain and build friendship with your clients, business partners or strenghten your company`s team? Off road driving offers you exactly that! An adrenalin adventure far away from city crowds and asphalt roads.

Established in 2004 UAB Lietuviškas safaris  (JSC Lithuanian safari , the only company engaged in such activities in Lithuania)  provides the off road vehicle experiences  in Lithuania. Buckle in and share the driving in one of 4×4  vehicle for the ultimate 4×4 adventure. offers a sustainable premium adventure experience, creating fun memories, personal growth and lasting impressions.

Corporate events for business partners or customers

If you want to create the best possible and close personal contact with your major customers, enhance their loyalty to your company in a long term period, the most effective way to do this are common events in an informal atmosphere, which together involve both the enterprise and customer representatives.
Maybe you already do some kind of events, but the response from customers is not so good, or the results are not like you expected? In events organized by clients attendance is 100%, and the effect on business will be noticeable soon!


1. half day tour ~ 4 hours, distance 50-60 km

2. all day short  tour ~ 8 hours, distance 130 km

3. all day long tour  ~12 hours. Distance 200 km

4. thry day tour distance ~350 km


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